St. Francis School accepts learners of all kinds, akin to the image in which God has made them.  While the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Manchester do not discriminate against students with special needs, a full range of services may not be available.

Please contact Mrs. Negron, Director of Special Education, should you have questions about accommodations that your child may need, or if your child is currently receiving special education services at St. Francis School.

The Special Education Team at St. Francis School determines whether or not the school can reasonably meet the needs of any child who is best served with accommodations. 

At St. Francis School, you can expect a school that knows, loves, and encourages your child by recognizing that they are a unique learner.

Possible Accommodations at St. Francis School may include:

  1. Movement Breaks (sensory breaks)
  2. Mental Breaks (brain breaks)
  3. Allow child to Stand at Desk
  4. Extended Time for Tests
  5. Have Test Questions or other material read
  6. Verbal response to tests/ quiz
  7. Use of Calculator
  8. Allow student to revise written work
  9. Weekly meeting with a mentor
  10. Copy of class notes
  11. Take test in alternate location
  12. Give students the opportunity to type assignments
  13. Modification of Assignment
  14. Chunking Work
  15. Audio Books where available
  16. Preferential Seating
  17. Use of a Timer
  18. Allowance of fidgets/ gum chewing in class
  19. Teacher lead strategy building (Agenda check in, Etc.)