It has been noted that the longest journey we ever make is between our head — what we know — and our heart — what we do. Sometimes there exists a disconnect between what we know to be right and what our actions tell others we think is right. Said plainly: it is not enough to know truth. We must live it out. As educators and as parents, the responsibility of developing a lesson plan falls squarely on each one of us.

How our unique Education in Virtue Program works

Each month, at St. Francis School, our students learn one of 10 virtues that fall under the parent virtues of Justice, Temperance, Fortitude and Prudence.

When our children study obedience, for example, they learn its definition, what it looks like when it is practiced and what it sounds like when someone does it. Then, students make the long journey from head to heart by considering how they can cultivate it in their daily life – on the playground, in class and at home with you.