First Thing: Establish a FACTS Account

Before applying for Financial Aid, all families must first establish a FACTS account. Please visit our school site to register.

Sibling Discount

$500 off for 2 children

$1,000 off for 3 children

$1,750 off for 4 children

Need-Based Financial Aid

St. Francis of Assisi School is dedicated to ensuring that all families – regardless of their financial circumstance – receive an education in line with our Heroic Mission.

We work hard to keep our tuition rate low and to offer as much Financial Aid as possible. Please know that we care about you, your family and your unique situation. If money is an issue, please let us know.

  • St. Francis School utilizes the FACTS Financial Aid Application. Please note that this application is one part in the process. Awards are made at the school’s discretion on a first come, first served basis. Thus, there is no strict deadline to apply.
  • Families receiving Financial Aid are asked to give back according to our Parent Service Plan
In addition to Financial Aid, we offer a generous sibling discount, and help in applying for the Children’s Scholarship Fund. 

The Children's Scholarship Fund

An Incredible Opportunity

Incoming Kindergarten and First Grade students who are income eligible are required to apply for the Children’s Scholarship Fund. In addition, any family coming from homeschooling or public school who is income eligible must apply as well. 

See if you qualify

The Children’s Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for New Hampshire students who are struggling in their current public school to allow them to attend a private school that is a better fit for them and their learning needs.