Take a walk in the woods and explore nature in New Hampshire. 

Come to love and understand the plants, animals and landscape around our beautiful campus. 

From those who chirp and tweet to things that go bump in the night, we will learn how to observe and be attentive to the beauty of creation.

It is well known that God spoke to our patron through nature. St. Francis viewed all of creation as a chance to learn more about God. It is that same love for and familiarity with nature that we are seeking to pass on to our children.

Our 14-acre campus includes wooded forests and open fields that lead to well-worn trails. In Winter, our students strap on snowshoes to track animals and to find them where they live.

Amidst these locales and New Hampshire’s vibrant seasons, we felt the calling to teach our children about the beauty and order inherent in the natural world.

To this end, we developed a unique experience for Grades K-6 we call Natural Science.