“There we hope to enjoy forever the fullness of your glory through Christ our Lord through whom you bestow on the world all that is good.”

Dear Families,

With great joy, I would like to introduce myself as the principal of St. Francis of Assisi School. I am humbled and honored to lead, in partnership with you, this exceptional Catholic school community. This is my ninth year as principal! 

I am fully committed to our heroic mission and to working alongside our dedicated teachers.

I was raised on Cape Cod, love the ocean, and play Irish music on guitar, bouzouki, and banjo—you might even catch me singing an Irish song with Fr. Jeff at the Irish Hooley every March! I enjoy hiking, camping, and cooking with my wife Emily, our son, Finn, who graduated from SFS, our daughter, Katie Mae, who is in Kindergarten at SFS, and our little one, Josie who is now in Preschool at SFS. 

Drawing from a diversity of experiences over the past 20 years, I have led, recruited, and fundraised for schools at the primary, secondary, and undergraduate levels. With your partnership and support, I look forward to taking St. Francis School to the next phase.

In setting out to provide the very best in academics and moral formation, it is fitting to begin with the end in mind. We remember that Our Lord bestows upon the world all that is good. It is to Him we owe our appreciation, our sacrifices, and ultimately, our hearts.

Yours in Christ,
Mark Schwerdt