Expect Greatness

St. Francis School will continue to offer the very best in Catholic education even when doing Remote Learning. Our teachers are here to serve you, to partner with you, and to guide our beloved children through remote learning. Expect great things!

Our Approach

When a grade is doing remote learning, families can expect: 

  • LIVE DIRECT INSTRUCTION (from 45 minutes to 3 hours daily depending on grade)
  • Daily Teacher Office Hours (from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on grade) 
  • Weekly overview for parents 
  • Written communication and instruction over email
  • Grade-specific Google Classrooms for Preschool (age 3) to Sixth Grade
  • Google Classrooms for Art, Music, and Natural Science
  • Prerecorded instruction and reading / Creative videos from our teachers
  • Opportunities for socialization


The word magis comes from Latin meaning “more”. It is used here to describe our belief that education is much more than academics. St. Francis School offers extracurriculars and character formation through:

  • Art (PS-6)
  • Music (PS-6)
  • Natural Science (K-6)
  • Poetry (1-6)
  • Weekly All School Liturgy with Fr. Jeff
  • Weekly All School Meeting hosted by our Principal
    • Student Shout Outs
    • Family Prayer Intentions
    •  Weekly Video Challenges
  • “Loving Mrs. Lynch’s daily lessons. It’s amazing how she can run a classroom remotely.”
  • “Somehow you have managed to keep a bunch of 4-5 year olds engaged from a distance. The morning meetings on video, the book reading, and the Zoom meetings are consistent each day which makes it easy on the parents. You are really setting a great example for other teachers to follow. The 1:1 meetings are something that I feel should be widely used since I am seeing the benefit from your example with my daughter! “
  • “Mrs. Jones: you truly are the role model for how this remote learning is set up—detailed lesson plans; constant communication with parents; ongoing support of students both in a remote class and 1:1. My wife and I cannot thank you enough.”
  • “The live classes have been great! It is wonderful to have some interaction with the other classmates and it feels more like real school.”
  • “All St. Francis teachers each have your own unique gifts and talents, but you are all heroically selfless! YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS!!!”
  • “Miss Gallagan has been very engaging and it is a lot better now that the kids have a classroom setting for 45 minute increments. This frees up the parents and allows the children to get back into school mode since they are seen by all their peers and teacher. Mrs. Massey is fantastic. Somehow she comes through the computer and makes the kids feel really special when they have their group discussions. My daughter gets so excited when she gets called on and Mrs. Massey always makes the kids feel smart and special, even at a distance.”
  • “You all deserve medals! Miss McGregor and Mrs Dyer are presenting positive attitudes, and have been flexible when it was needed on our end.”
  • “I love the group meetings Mrs. Chalifour has been holding everyday to keep the children communicating with each other!”
  • “Honestly Mrs. Negron is THE best. We are so happy with her and see her incredible efforts.”
  • “Their response time has been amazing. Mrs . Lynch is interacting beautifully with her kids and my son looks for her messages. I love how Mrs . Dyer and Miss McGregor are using online forms for class work. It helps with quick feedback. Also love the morning online meeting for 6th grade.”
  • “We love Ms. McGregor & Mrs. Dyer. They’ve been great with all of this.”
  • “I think you all are doing a great job during this very difficult time.  I have friends who have kids in public school and all I hear from them is how they are doing EVERYTHING, the teachers are doing very little, what a nightmare it has been, etc.  I am very grateful for St. Francis! It’s an AMAZING school with AMAZING teachers and staff.  You guys should really be proud!”
  • Miss McGregor and Mrs. Dyer have been fantastic! We are thankful for their hard work and dedication.