First Things First

In conjunction with the Diocese of Manchester, the St. Francis School Taskforce has come together to form a cautious and realistic plan for returning to the classroom this Fall. 

Our Lord’s example on earth shows us that our ability to weather any crisis comes from daily and frequent connection with God our Father. From this relationship, we find deep and abiding peace. As we grow in our love for Christ, so will our capacity to love others (Jn. 15:5-12). We will respond from a wellspring of peace rather than react from a shallow point of fear and anxiety. It is only when we learn to abide in Christ more and more that our reactions change to thoughtful and peaceful responses, because we are deeply rooted in His love (Eph. 3:17-18).

Fully aware that St. Francis School encourages children to see with the eyes of Faith, and to show the love of Christ to others, all safeguards, considerations, and recommendations begin with the following prayer:

May we learn more and more to abide with Christ. In Him, we find our peace and from this vantage point we find the dignity of others and the courage to respond to them with love.

Online Health Survey

Families are required to complete the Health Survey on the first day of school. If any answer changes, families must update the school via the Online Health Survey.

The icon below will always represent the most up-to-date version.

Safety Plan

Our Safety Plan is not meant to be static, rather, it is a fluid and living document that is meant to be refined and adapted over time. For these reasons, the icon below will always represent the most up-to-date version. 

Here are the latest policies that the Diocese of Manchester has adopted:


  • St. Francis School adheres to the minimum of 10 days at-home quarantine from the time of exposure or start of symptoms. Should the student live in a household where a Covid positive family member is in quarantine, the student’s 10 day quarantine begins when the family member/roommate’s quarantine ends.
  • Please note that you cannot test out of quarantine due to close contact. You can test out, after 7 days, of quarantine due to travel.
  • Current state guidance for individuals who have received their second dose of the vaccine is: If 14 days have passed since reception of the second shot, that individual is not required to quarantine if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19, or after traveling outside of New England. Even if a parent has been vaccinated, St. Francis School students must still quarantine following travel outside of New England or been exposed to a person with COVID-19, as they have not been vaccinated and could still contract/carry the virus.
  • The same guidance applies if a person is within 90 days of a COVID-19 infection that was diagnosed by PCR or antigen testing. St. Francis School requires documentation of such testing in order to exempt a student or staff member from quarantine post COVID-19 infection. If that documentation is not provided to the school, quarantine will be required. If you suspect your child had COVID-19 but opted not to test for it, quarantine will be required. Once the 90 day timeframe has been met, original guidelines will be applied, and the individual will again be required to quarantine if exposed to someone with COVID-19 or has traveled outside of New England.